How to Remove Odor Caused by Adult Incontinence

How to Remove Odor Caused by Adult Incontinence

Adult incontinence sometimes called overactive bladder (OAB) or bladder weakness, is a common issue (and sometimes an embarrassing issue) that about 25 million adult Americans suffer from. In the 2016 census, there were roughly 247 million adults in the United States. If we crunch those numbers, that’s about 10 percent. 10 percent of the adult population in the U.S. suffer from incontinence problems. Think of it this way. Your stomach is grumbling. You’re feeling like Italian food tonight, so you and your beloved spouse decide to head downtown to Figaro’s, the five-star restaurant owned and run by that jolly fellow, Angelo. You know, the one with the tall black lanterns out front.  Your favorite table is on the corner outside, just off the busy street. There’s just something about that stucco half-wall that reminds you of the time you visited Italy and took the gondola boat ride through the Grand Canal in Venice. Plus, they always have at least two fresh roses and lit candles on your table (which sets the mood for a very romantic evening.) As you order your favorite dish, the Beef Brasato with Pappardelle and Mint- complemented by their best Riesling (or maybe, you skip the Riesling because you know alcoholic beverages will leave your bladder begging for mercy later tonight,) you look around and notice there are about a hundred beautifully dressed customers here for dinner tonight at your favorite restaurant. You may find yourself drifting off into a daydream of Venice, thinking about the love of your life, while simultaneously having anxiety about how your bladder is very likely going to ruin this beautiful romance in about 3 minutes.  You might feel alone and out of place, and all of a sudden you feel the urge- too late, you’ve had a leak. Now, you’re not only wet but embarrassed. Will they notice? Are you prepared? According to these statistics, at least nine other people in the same room are wearing diapers or reusable, washable adult incontinence products.

It may be tough to deal with the changes that come with this condition, but remember, you are not alone. We can help you find the products you need, but great products are no use if you don’t own a great cleaning detergent for washing your products. One of the most difficult things to deal with once you have the right products is the odor that comes with adult urine.

Urine, particularly those with strong odors, stick to clothes- making removing urine odor from clothes a tough job. Many people have found themselves engulfed in Pinterest, looking for new ideas, trying vinegar, bleach, and baking soda. They’ve tried several tricks at home to remove urine odors and some kind of work, but most do not. It’s really tough. Fortunately, with a few lifestyle changes and good urine odor removal products, removing odor caused by adult incontinence is achievable.

First, let’s look at the products that can help remove the odors from clothing. Then, we will conclude by sharing some great tips on how to give back to your body.  There are a few things you can do to help ensure that your body is healthy, resulting in less concentrated and less-smelly urine.

removing odor caused by adult incontinence

Adult Incontinence: How to Treat Smelly Urine in Men and Women

Although women are more prone to develop adult incontinence, both men and women can suffer from smelly urine. Yet, the following lifestyle changes can help you treat smelly urine in men and women:

1. Stay Hydrated

You may have heard the saying “Drink water until you pee clear.”  The intention is good here, but clear pee can signify that you are drinking too much water, which can really mess with your electrolyte balance.  You want your pee to be a very light yellow. The yellow in your pee is from a chemical produced in your body called urochrome- basically the cousin of bilirubin and urobilin- which tints the liquid running through your body. The light yellow color shows you that the urochrome in your system is right on track. Our urine looks bright yellowish and smells the most upon waking up because we have not been drinking water for many hours. Your body has become slightly dehydrated, even overnight. The best way to eliminate the odor of urine is to drink more water. People struggling with incontinence tend to reduce their water intake because of the fear that drinking will aggravate the problem. This is far from the truth. Although limiting liquids reducing the amount of liquid moving through your bladder, it is unhealthy for your entire urinary system, which can lead to more urinary issues. You need to drink six to eight glasses of water every day to dilute your urine and eliminate its strong odor.

2. Tweak Your Diet

There are certain- particular foods and liquids that cause your urine to have a stronger scent. These include coffee, asparagus, alcohol, garlic, curry, and other spices. To treat smelly urine in men and women, you can reduce the intake of these particular food items. If you can, eliminate them. Find other sources to obtain your recommended amount of caffeine, vitamins, and minerals which you would get from this food. You might be surprised to find that they are available in many other foods and drinks.

3. Check If You Have a Urinary Infection

Adult incontinence often leads to bladder infections and urinary tract infections (UTI). If not treated, these can be dangerous and begin affecting the kidneys. Using diapers encourages the growth and proliferation of bacteria in the lower region. These infections can cause pain while urinating, as well as cloudy and strong smelling urine. UTI’s also can cause bladder leaking and increased urges. If you have tried drinking more water and eliminating certain foods from your diet and nothing is working- your pee still has a strong odor- it may be wise to see your physician and have yourself checked for an infection. You can also get at-home test kits to check for infection, but when in doubt, your physician should be able to help. Prescription medications may be used to return your body to its normal, functioning state.

Urine Odor Removal Products: OdorKlenz Laundry Products

Urine Odor Removal Products: OdorKlenz Laundry ProductsTo remove urine smell from blankets and clothes, you need to use special urinary odor control products that are strong. They must be powerful enough to remove even the toughest urine odor. The best urinary odor control products in the market are those from OdorKlenz Laundry. This company offers a line of cleaning detergents that remove tough odors caused by sweat, bad body odor, smoke, and chemical residues.

Customers who also had difficulties in removing urine odor from clothes rave about how OdorKlenz Laundry did the trick. This product made their clothes smell fresh and clean after being soaked in animal or human urine.

Instead of using DIY urine odor removals, it is better for you to use special urine odor removal products in removing urine odor from clothes. This will save you time, and you will be sure to have success the first time that you use these products. Also, these urine odor removal products will have longer lasting effects than other solutions.



Odor problems caused by adult incontinence are challenging to deal with, but with some lifestyle changes, you may be able to reduce or remove the sharp odor from urine. You can also use urine odor removal products for removing urine odor from clothes. With the right knowledge and tools, it’s not difficult at all to deal with urine odor problemsRemember, you are not alone. Odds are, that as you finish your last few bites of Beef Brasato, nine other adults around you have leaked at least once, too. Keep your head up, and remember that you are in control of your odor. Stay hydrated and take care of yourself.  

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