Bed Wetting Causes and Solutions

Bed Wetting Causes and Solutions

Do you have a son or daughter who is still wetting the bed at the age of nine years old? Maybe you have noticed that your child started periodically wetting the bed after welcoming home a new baby sister. Perhaps it became a problem after they started at a new school. Significant changes at home or in other parts of their life can have a psychological effect that causes these sorts of problems.

Bedwetting children have become a regularity these days and can pose specific challenges, but nighttime accidents are common in children of all ages and both genders. It can be especially troublesome (and frustrating!) if these accidents are occurring in your bed. This can be bad news for your sheets and linens, but even worse: Once the urine has soaked in, there is little you can do for your comforters, and even less you can do for your mattress.

Figuring out what causes your child to have issues with wetting the bed and then looking for bed wetting solutions that work for your family will help end these issues. You never know which of the many solutions is the best way to help your child so it might take a few tries before finding what is best for your child specifically. Then, the only other problem to deal with after that is getting urine smell out of clothes.

 Bed Wetting Causes

  • If your child is a heavy or deep sleeper it could just be that he has difficulty waking up when his bladder is full.
  • Did you wet your sheets as a child? Bedwetting can actually be hereditary. Depending on the case, they might continue having issues with wetting the bed until about the same age you stopped.
  • What has your child been drinking in the daytime? A very common culprit of bed wetting may merely be drinking too many fluids and not using the bathroom enough during the day and especially before bedtime.
  • Are they trying to empty their bladder before they go to sleep or not? Young children and their growing bodies aren’t always able to hold a full bladder or respond to “the urge to go” the same way that adults can, and starting with a semi-full bladder could be asking for trouble.
  • They might just have a small bladder. Organs and body parts are meant to grow in tandem with the size of our bodies. With their bodies still developing, their bladders might not be big enough to sufficiently hold their urine throughout the entire night, especially if they are quite young and potty trained early.
  • Urinary tract infections can cause issues with wetting at night as well as during the day. Especially if they have been potty trained for a while, then take them to the pediatrician to test for a urinary infection.


How to Prevent Accidents at NightHow to Prevent Accidents at Night

The best way to keep your beds and couches from wreaking of urine is to prevent the problem in the first place. What can you do to help your child stop wetting the bed at night? Here are some suggestions to get you started, but remember it may take a few attempts before you see a significant change.

  1. If your child is having difficulty waking up to pee at night, then using a liquid sensor can help. A liquid sensor is a device with an alarm that alerts the sleeper as soon as any amount of liquid is detected, and it will wake them up at the first sign of wetness and will help train their body to wake up when they feel the urge.
  2. Limit what they drink, especially in the hours before bed. If your child tends to drink a lot of fluids throughout the day then limiting them towards bedtime can help reduce accidents.
  3. The types of things they are drinking before bed can affect their bladder. Sugary drinks have a tendency to move through their system more quickly causing them to urinate in their sleep.
  4. If your bed wetting boys or girls are older, you can ask your doctor about medication. There are some prescriptions that are safe for children seven and older that will actually limit the amount of urine produced. This solution for wetting the bed should be used as a final option.

Issues with children bedwetting are common. Now that you know how to stop the problem of them urinating in bed, you can stop worrying about getting the urine smell out of your sheets and clothes, and your morning routine can go back to normal.

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