The Best Products to Help With Adult Incontinence

The Best Products to Help Cope with Adult Incontinence

Let’s face it.  The last thing you want your friends talking about is how your bladder decided to check out early and leave you hanging out to dry… or, more literally, wet. Is the topic of your conversation how incontinence is keeping you from living the life you want to live? Do you have dreams of traveling, or even just making it through a grocery shopping trip in the same pair of pants?  How many times in a row have you washed that same pair of jeans and tried to get them to smell “powder fresh” again? The frustration can either drive you or defeat you. Don’t let it defeat you.

Adult incontinence is a difficult medical condition to deal with. It disrupts your daily life and affects you physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. When improperly handled, the stress alone can make a patient feel hopeless and ashamed of the condition. However, a bladder problem need not hinder your life. In all reality, the odds are that at least one of your friends is also keeping the same secret; I mean, who really want to air their dirty laundry in public?

Historically, there has been little help offered, aside from a one size fits all jumbo-throw-away diaper. Maybe it’s true what they say.  What goes around, comes around. From diaper, we came, and to diaper, we will return. The good news is, there are now options. Thankfully, the industry has turned a corner and is beginning to offer many products to help you cope with the condition with more ease and more comfort. From adult urge incontinence medication to washable adult incontinence products, you can get everything you need to help you take control of your life, even if you can’t control your bladder. And you don’t have to go broke doing it!

If this article has you sitting on the edge of your seat, take a short bathroom break and come right back.  We have some amazing ideas and products to share with you. You don’t want to miss this! So grab your non-caffeinated, non-carbonated, non-alcoholic drink, and keep reading. Urine for a real treat!

Adult Urge Incontinence Medication for Medical TreatmentAdult Urge Incontinence Medication for Medical Treatment

Are you at your wits end? Have you tried everything? Have you given up soda and coffee; changed your lifestyle…. but still, nothing works? Then it’s time to consider taking adult urge incontinence medication. I know someone is suggesting yet another medication; sometimes I feel like we take more medications than the amount of food we eat. With the medical interventions, we have now, our quality of life really can be improved.

There are a lot of medications available for people with urge incontinence and overactive bladder. There are also various kinds; some can help with regulating the frequency of bladder contractions and some help with relaxing the bladder, limiting a number of spontaneous leaks, Some individuals have found only minor relief from this option, and some have experienced a great amount of relief. Although fewer options exist for stress incontinence (the type of urine leakage after a physical activity like sneezing, coughing, or heavy lifting), there is still hope. Also, in combination with medication, finding someone, like a personal counselor, that you can trust to talk to about your incontinence can result in a much more positive outcome.

Before buying an adult urge incontinence medication, it is a good idea to consult with your physician. It’s also good to get a second opinion from a medical professional to find out if this option would be a good medical treatment for you. Our bodies are all different and react differently to various medications.  Should common adult urge incontinence medication pose serious side effects for you, your physician may suggest other treatment options such as bladder training, double voiding, physical therapy, catheters, stimulator devices,  or surgery. It’s encouraging to know that there are options out there. If you decide to pursue the medical options to reduce bladder leaking, it may take time and require patience. It’s important to find out what can make this journey more comfortable and a little easier for you while you work toward your healing.

Washable Adult Incontinence Products

If you have a urinary incontinence problem, you might consider using washable adult incontinence products. These products offer the benefit of easily washing and reusing them rather than throwing them away.  This saves you money and is good for the environment. Disposable products like one-time diapers do not work well for this situation. You’ll waste money and run out of supplies in the process. One-use diapers are often made from hazardous materials; they can be bulky, leak often, and make that incredible squishy sound as you walk. Reusable products can be personalized to fit, as well as being made to look discreet.

Washable adult incontinence products range from washable absorbent bed pads, briefs for men, underwear for women, reusable diapers, and as well as pants! These products come in a lot of varieties, but you need to carefully choose the ones with the best quality and highest absorbency. You don’t want incontinence products for adults that can’t hold enough moisture. The other upside to these products is that it defies the one-size-fits-all theory.  You will be able to select washable undergarments that are fitted to your size and shape for maximum comfort, and you can have peace of mind by knowing the material that is covering your most prized body parts isn’t made with harmful chemicals.

Detergent to Remove Urine Odor from Clothing and Washable Products

Having reusable incontinence diapers, underwear, and pants won’t mean a thing if you can’t eliminate the odor of urine from them. Nobody wants to keep wearing a foul-smelling diaper. Aside from finding quality, comfortable, washable garments, it’s equally important for you to find a detergent which is safe and environmentally friendly, one designed for your protection. After you have purchased your products, pre-washed, and worn them, it’s imperative to research the process of effective urine odor removal from clothing.

To completely remove the smell of urine, you need to use a very strong detergent. Some detergents have the power to remove the odor, but are also filled with hazardous chemicals (which you may not want so close to your very important body parts!)  OdorKlenz is the toughest laundry product, designed to remove urine odor from clothing, and designed to be gentle on the body. OdorKlenz is environmentally friendly and uses Green NanoActive Technology to eliminate odors, with no harsh chemicals.

It works great for many types of washable adult incontinence products, from briefs to diapers. OdorKlenz is strong enough to remove any trace and scent of a bladder problem without chemical irritation.

Use the Best Products to Help You Regain Control of Your Life

Maximize the options that are out there; don’t let urinary incontinence get the best of you. I heard it said once that retirement is the longest vacation you will ever take. This is the perfect time for you to take care of yourself, and get the best products to help you feel independent again.

In review, following these recommendations can get you feeling like yourself again. See your doctor and ask about appropriate adult urge incontinence medication and other therapies. Make sure to take your medication as per the instructions of your physician. Also, use washable diapers, pants, underwear, bed-pads, and other reusable products. Just don’t stop there!  To ensure you stay safe and smelly-free, use the best products designed to remove urine odor from clothing so you can stay fresh and clean all day. OdorKlenz is designed so that your best-kept secret can stay a secret.

Urinary incontinence is just a challenge, waiting to be overcome. Once you find the right products for you, you’ll get back your normal life in no time. Take control of your life again and become an overcomer; show incontinence who’s boss. Who knows, you may want to share your secret with your friends so they can benefit from these products too!

Now that you’ve been sitting for a while take one more bathroom break. Then find a piece of paper and a pen, and begin writing down your dreams and your goals. Take notes on the products that are available, and plan to take one step forward.

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Sam C. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I have tried many, many products over the last year to get rid of the smell of urine in my grandmother’s clothes. She, unfortunately, has incontinence issues and was very embarrassed by this. Her embarrassment was made worse when her clothes would carry the smell no matter what I did. This is the first and only product that completely got rid of the smell! There is no smell from the product. No sticky residue. Just fresh smelling clothes!”

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