Cat Urine Odor Remedies for Clothes & Floors

Cat Urine Odor Remedies for Clothes and Floors

Throughout history, cats have been the go-to for domestic pet choices. From Ancient Egypt to Great Aunt Myrtle; cats have long reigned as the preferred pet of choice. They’ve certainly gathered a cult-gathering in recent years. Cattattos ( Cat tattoos), Catitude, and purrfect sweaters have become the trend to pay homage to the four-legged feline. Cats are a beautiful thing. However, their pee is not. All cats pee. All 16 of them, if you happen to be a cat-loving feline fan. Having a house or clothes that smell like cat pee is never a great thing for your peace of mind and social life. Although, it’s not just an issue of staying socially acceptable.

When guests enter your home, what smell greets them? Do they automatically know you have cats because of the urine smell wafting up from the floor, rugs, and couches? Cat urine is one of the most difficult odors to remove from your home. When your kids are rolling around on the carpet, how does that cat urine affect them? Is cat urine just offensive as an odor, or are there more health issues involved when exposed to cat urine for a long period of time? The documented health dangers of cat urine make it even more important to know effective cat urine odor remedies.

Health Dangers of Cat Urine

Besides Smelling Nasty, Cat Urine is Dangerous

Cleaning up cat urine with a rag and maybe some cleaner is not enough to completely remove the biomaterial and enzymes that are found in cat urine. Many cat owners assume that cleaning off cat urine by wiping the floor is enough to deal with the problem. A lingering smell can’t be that dangerous. Can it?

The thing about the urine of cats is it contains a very high concentration of ammonia which gives their urine a very strong smell. Breathing in ammonia can cause problems if (1) you’re breathing in a lot of it for a prolonged time and (2) your lungs are weak or if you have existing respiratory conditions.

Some of the serious health dangers of cat urine include pneumonia or bronchitis, lung irritation, trachea burns, and even asphyxiation/suffocation.

This is not to scare you. This is meant to inform you of the seriousness and why cat urine odor remedies are crucial. Get rid of cat urine smell to protect yourself and your loved ones as well.

Removing Kitty’s Urine from Wood FloorsHow to Get Rid of Cats' Urine Odor on Wood Floors

Removing pet urine stains and odor is often difficult. So many pet owners are wondering how to get rid of cats’ urine smell on wood floors either when the peeing incident is recent or not.

If the urine is fresh, use an absorbent cloth like a rag to blot and wipe off any wetness. Dry the area as thoroughly as you can. Then you can use either a natural homemade urine stain remedy or commercial cat urine odor remedies like a chemical cleaner specifically designed to eliminate urine odor of pets.

Many pet owners attest to the effectiveness of using a vinegar spray. Chemical cleaners for pet urine smell will also work just fine. Use these products as much as you need to remove the smell completely.


How to Remove the Smell of Cat Urine from Clothes

It looks like Fluffy decided to use that clean load of laundry in the hamper as the cat litter. Pee on your shirt or laundry is almost a part of owning a cat, so the need to know how to remove the smell of cats’ urine from clothes is a common struggle for many cat owners. What is it about fresh laundry that makes cats decide it’s the perfect spot to pee? The first thing you need to to get rid of cat urine smell from your clothes is to dump the clothes into a bucket filled with cold water. Add one to two cups of white vinegar and leave it on for a few hours. The vinegar will dilute the ammonium in cat urine so that the enzymes break down, and the odor is removed.

Then machine wash the clothes for a few minutes. A good practice is to take out the clothes and check them after a few minutes of washing. Make sure to add your usual laundry detergent and a laundry additive like OdorKlenz. OdorKlenz is used by many cat owners to remove their cats’ pee odors since this product is specially made to clean stains and neutralize strong scents. OdorKlenz does not contain harsh fragrances or chemicals, so it will not mask the cat urine smell; it will remove it.

If the cat pee odor is completely removed, hang the clothes to dry. But if a hint of scent is still there, wash it all over again. Note that if the smell hasn’t gone away after two to three washes, it’s probably best to just dispose of the clothes as you may not be able to get rid of it permanently.Cat urine is unique in its make up. Its one of the few odors that are the toughest to remove. If the urine smell is not completely removed, Fluffy may decide that the laundry hamper is the permanent kitty litter box.

Remove Cat Pee Odor for a Safer Home

Your home is just that; where you live, breathe, and play. Having a family pet should not be a health hazard to own a cat. Cats have been a loving pet for over a millennia, and their urine odor is still a trial to remove.In some cases, things need to be replaced because the urine odor could not be removed. Even though they have been domesticated for a long time, cats need to be trained on where to pee, but until they fully get it, you need to stay on top of cat urine odor remedies to protect yourself and your family from the health dangers of cat urine. Keep these tips on how to remove cat pee odor from wooden floors and clothes for a fresh, healthy air quality at home.

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