Cat Urine Odor Remedies for Carpets & Clothes

Cat Urine Odor Remedies for Carpets and Clothes

Cat Urine Odor Remedies Cat urine smells so awful that we sometimes think it’s their primary weapon for human slavery and earth invasion. Cats’ inappropriate spraying behaviors may be due to territorial tendencies or just lack of proper habits. All the same, when cats pee on carpets, potted plants, clothes, backpacks, and even tabletops, it’s hard not to resent them.

Fortunately for us mere mortals, there are many cat urine odor remedies that will help us remove cat urine smells from home surfaces and any laundry. In this article, we will discuss in detail the best practices in cleaning cat urine from carpet and even how to remove cat urine smell from clothes. However, before that, we first need to understand the reasons behind our feline friends’ erratic spraying habits.


Why Do Cats Pee Everywhere?

Why Do Cats Pee Everywhere?Cats have their reasons for peeing everywhere. Their peeing behavior can be a sign of a medical condition such as bladders stones/blockage or a urinary tract infection (UTI). This may be the case if you can see signs of discomfort from your cats such as crying or meowing while peeing. It’s best to bring them to a vet to know for sure.

It can also be a behavioral problem. Your cat may feel threatened if there’s a new pet, you’ve recently moved, or if there are new residents in the household. It can also be due to lack of proper training on where to use the restroom. Your cat may return to a spot if the scent of their urine lingers there. They may also be marking their territory.

Cleaning Cat Urine from Carpet

Carpets with cat urine are the toughest thing to clean. Sometimes it’s difficult to spot where exactly the stain is on the carpet. In this case, use a UV flashlight. These types of flashlights will make any hidden stains glow when the light hits them.

If the pee is still wet, blot it up with paper towels. When the urine is already dry, you can proceed to use a strong cat urine enzyme cleaner. If for some reason this does not work, or if you want to make sure that your carpet is thoroughly clean, wash the carpet with a cat urine smell removing detergent such as OdorKlenz Laundry detergent additive. This detergent additive works wonders in removing pet urine.

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Clothes

To get rid of cat urine smell from clothes, you need to wash them as soon as possible. Don’t store it for long before washing it since the smell may become too tough to remove by then.

To remove the cat urine odor, you should use the previously mentioned OdorKlenz Laundry detergent additive. Just place the clothes in the washing machine, add enough water, and add sufficient amounts of the detergent. This is one of the most effective cat urine odor remedies for clothes.

Key Points

* It is paramount to understand the reason behind your cat’s peeing behaviors.
* It is best to clean carpets and clothes as soon as possible.
* Use strong cat urine smell remover detergents to remove the odor fast.

Our cats are our best friends, so we need to do our best to understand their behaviors. Cleaning cat urine from carpet and clothes is difficult, but keep these cat urine odor remedies in mind to get rid of cat urine smell the easiest and fastest way.

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