How to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes

urine odor out of clothesHow To Get Urine Smell Out of Clothing

Today we are going to get real down and dirty and talk about laundry. Then, we will go into an in-depth overview of how to get urine smell out of clothes. Besides its powerful staining capabilities, urine can cause quite the foul odor, and the longer an article of clothing is left with the urine on it, the harder that will be to remove. There are hundreds of search results for tips on what to do to get urine smell out from clothing but the majority of the advice given will steer you in the wrong direction or leave you feeling like you’ve run a marathon of advice without ever reaching the finish line. How many products have you tried at this point? How many towels, shirts, pants have you thrown away stained? No more. There is a solution. I’m glad you have stumbled across this website because you don’t need to spend money or time on one more product that doesn’t work. OdorKlenz works. It’s tried and tested technology and natural ingredients are powerful and effective.

Why do cats pee on clothes

at pees on clothes on floorWithout knowing your cat personally, we will assume that there are a couple of primary reasons that they decide to ditch their litter box and settle themselves down in a nice pile of laundry…urinating on your belongings. The first reason that will entice your cat to pee on your clothes is due to the simple reason that your clothing contains your scent. This makes sense if you have dirty laundry laying around.

Before OdorKlenz products, my cats would even pee on a basket of clean laundry, fresh out of the dryer!  If little Dwight is in a frisky mood, he may decide that he is not happy with you at present. Maybe you are spending too much time with that cute little Aussie pup you got at Christmas.  Maybe you left Dwight’s food dish empty for 10 seconds too long, or maybe, he’s just in a mood. For whatever reason, cats will, by nature, feel the dirty little impulse to spray on your clothes and belongings.

For the most part, every item in your home contains your scents, whether it be your favorite shirt, your dirty laundry on the floor, on your brand new blankets. Theories and myths have circulated that a cat will spray your clothing as a form of defense mechanism or as a way to show they are angry with you.  Is it safe to say that if your cat isn’t urinating on your clothing and linens that they are quite content with you and that you should do everything within your power to keep it that way? I’m sure that’s Dwight’s point of view, anyway. There’ are also other theories that talk about a cat’s love for you. Maybe it’s a term of endearment;  Dwight wants to show you how much he loves you by marking his territory, similar to the idea of him bringing a dead mouse to your door, or rubbing his black hair all over your white pants. Whether loving you or hating you, he is still peeing on your clothes. Awesome. Now, all we need to know is HOW TO GET THIS SMELL OUT WITHOUT LEAVING A STAIN?

Why do tiny humans pee on clothes?

Washing urine out of clothes

I know that sounds funny, but for all those parents out there, this is a real problem! Diapers leak, overflow, and sometimes we don’t get the diaper on quick enough during a change, and the dreaded yellow stream soaks everything in arm’s length. My one year old decided that taking his diaper off in his crib this morning would be a fun way to say “GOOD MORNING!” to me. There was quite a mess by the time I got to him. All of those blankets and his jammies ended up in the wash and left me praying that the stains and smell would come out.

After the diaper years, all young children go through the bedwetting stage. This can be a difficult time for parents and their kiddos. Aside from the emotional difficulty of the transition, endless interruptions of sleep, countless replacement sheets on hand… this can be such a difficult thing for parents to conquer, especially if they are using the wrong products in attempts to remove the urine smell.  You go through laundry load after laundry load of clothes, sheets, blankets, only to have them coming out smelling like pee. I know you are begging for answers, so let’s not keep you on the edge of your seat any longer.

But one more thing before we go into the remedy. Keep in mind that you can apply these steps to all types of urine odors whether it stems from your little Aussie pup urinating on your favorite t-shirt (which of course, you can’t get mad at because of those sweet little eyes and squishy pup face), your frisky kitty peeing on your clean white towels, or young children wetting the bed, this technology will remove the urine odor completely.

Washing urine out of clothes

There are many products that claim to have this ultimate power in their technology to magically get urine smell out of clothes, but for the most part, all they will do is mask your textiles with fragrances or perfumes in hopes of shielding the odors. These fragrances are often produced from chemicals which put off carcinogens into the air, and onto your linens.  That’s right; you heard me right. Cancer causing carcinogens. Just like in cigarettes. If your laundry doesn’t list every ingredient, then STEER CLEAR. Even some products that claim to be environmentally friendly, or eco-friendly, but don’t have an easy to read a list of ingredients, are probably hiding it for a reason.

Another area that you may want to steer way clear of is relying on home remedies to remove the urine smell from your clothes, not necessarily because they don’t work, but they haven’t been tested, tried, and proven, and can cause serious damage to your washing machine.  Unless you are that supermom stay-at-home parent with ten kids, who cooks everything from scratch and hand-washes every linen, only to use the dry hang posts out on the back porch… Let’s be real… “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” The amount of time and effort that it takes to get these items together, scrub and re-scrub, hang dry, rinse and repeat is overwhelming, and honestly, just the thought of it is exhausting.  We all want what is best for our families. That is why OdorKlenz has created a TRULY eco-friendly, toxin-free product that cleans thoroughly the first time. Most of us are busy families and don’t have the time to waste trying hundreds of products. The last thing you want as a busy parent is to break your washer from the use of products which weren’t meant for the washer. Although utilizing vinegar may help reduce odors and work to cut the stain down, it is not meant to be placed inside of your washing machine and can, in some cases, void your manufacturer warranty. Beyond warranty issues, vinegar can be very corrosive to your machine and oxidize and wear out seals and fittings in your machine as well.  It’s wisest to use a product meant for use in your machine, which has been thoroughly tested.

How to use OdorKlenz laundry additive to remove urine odors

The OdorKlenz laundry technology is your trusted source to remove urine odors from clothes and linens without the use of masking agents, fragrances, or toxic chemicals. The additive is used in conjunction with your all natural, family safe detergent to neutralize the urine odors from your clothing and get them smelling clean and odor free.

The question is, “Is it safe to use?” The answer is “Yes”. The technology is made from natural earth mineral and is safe to use on all washable fabric, AND can be used in high-efficiency machines as well. Beyond the safety each and every purchase comes with a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee to ensure that the products meets and exceeds your standards. Don’t settle for Dwight’s yellow stinky stains on your white towels. There is an answer. Try OdorKlenz today with a money-back guarantee. We guarantee you will want to share this product with your friends!

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