How To Remove Armpit Odor From Your Clothes

How to Remove Perspiration Odor from Clothes

remove sweat odors from gym clothesAs the new year approaches so will the new year resolutions and we hope that your health and fitness make the top of the list. During this peak time of the year, we commonly get asked the question from our Customer of “how to remove perspiration odor from clothes”. before we go into the solution we like to take the educational approaches here at OdorKlenz Laundry so continue reading to find out the best methods for gym odor removal

The truth is that 90% of the time odors in your workout clothes are caused by a buildup of sweat and bacteria from your body. It makes sense as you burn those calories that you will be releasing heat and sweat from your body. Hopefully, you aren’t the person at the gym who is dripping from head to toe over the equipment and floor but rather have the appropriate workout attire that was designed to retain the humidity excreted from your body. We hope that you paid close attention to our last statement that yes indeed your favorite DRI-FIT work out gear is designed to do nothing more or less then retain the sweat that you are excreting.So what does this mean for you? Well, simply put your gym clothing should and will be more odorous in comparison t your normal clothing and a proper course of action should be put into place to help remove sweat odor from your clothes.

Best way to remove body odor from clothes

How To Remove Armpit Odor From Your Clothes

Beyond cleaning your clothes with a detergent that is designed for sweat odor removal, another important often disregarded step is how you store your workout clothes. Have you ever heard of the term cross-contamination? Well, I am sure you are picturing a HAZMAT outbreak or nuclear meltdown but on the very same level, this applies to how you store your extra funky clothes with your normal clothes which can lead to additional odors. Prime example, leaving sweaty clothes in a closed up gym bag, locker, or hamper and when laundry day arrives, your entire hamper is filled with the smell of sweat and body odors.

Why Is it hard to remove odors from yoga pants and yoga attire

In keeping with the theme of, DRI-FIT clothing, the very qualities that keep high-performance fabrics comfortable during a workout—their ability to push water out of their fibers rather than retaining it, so you stay drier—are the gift and the curse when it comes to washing. These very same attributes make it more difficult to wash and penetrate the fabric enough pull the sweat and bacteria out.

Gym Clothes Odor removal

Many yoga enthusiasts would agree the level of difficulty that it involves to safely and effectively remove sweat and body odors from their yoga clothing. The first barrier of entry to clean smelling clothes would be the nature of fabrics like Spandex and Lycra. These type of fabrics are designed to repel water, which is great when you’re working up a massive amount of sweat on your clothes but are not as beneficial when trying to come into contact with your favorite detergent when in the wash. Secondly, is the build up of body oil, detergent and/or fabric softener which lower the efficacy of your overall washing experience and dramatically contribute to the inability of water to penetrate the fibers of your workout clothes

The Do’s & Dont’s of Removing odors From gym Clothes

If you just follow this one-bit advice you will be 50% on your way to removing sweat and body odors from your gym clothes. The number one cardinal sin and an offense that most newbie clothes washer commit is the use or deployment of fabric softener in their wash for gym odor removal. We can’t stress enough to leave all forms of fabric softeners out of the washing equation and particular are to be avoided when laundering gym gear made of synthetic material, as it leaves behind a coating that will prevent the clothes from getting fully cleaned.

Is more detergent better for Sweat Odor Removal

We understand that 9 out of ten times when applying the rule of ” more is better” that you will be correct but in this case, trust us when we tell you that less detergent is better when attempting to neutralize sweat odors from clothing. Trust us as the odor experts here when we sternly tell you with our left hand over our heart that you without a doubt want to use less detergent, as counterintuitive as that seems, to prevent build up on techie-type fabrics.

If you suspect that excess detergent is the problem and you are having issues with the residual detergent causing your clothes to retain an unpleasant odor, one suggestion is to run them through the wash cycle with no detergent at all, which can help to rinse away any lingering excess detergent or fabric softener.

Best Detergent for Sweat Odors

One more thing that can cause smells to linger is drying your exercise togs on high heat, so stick with a lower temperature if you machine dry. Now onto the meat and potatoes of this length but informative post on
removing odor from workout clothes. What makes the OdorKlenz the best detergent for sweat and body odors? For starters, it is a patented technology that is unlike no other detergent on the market which is designed to attack the chemistry of the odor without the use of toxic chemicals or masking agents. The process works using an earth minerals to destructively adsorb the odors while breaking down the chemical composition of the odors. Now, you can have clean smelling workout clothes and more importantly save time and money from having to rewash the same article of clothing over and over. For more information on the OdorKlenz laundry additive and how to remove sweat and body odors from your clothes and workout gear, click on the learn more button below.

Remove Sweat & Body Odor From Your Clothes

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