How to Wash Workout Clothes

Best laundry detergent for smelly clothes

best detergent for smelly clothes

We all know that the more we workout, the more we sweat. If we’re honest with ourselves, sweating isn’t just reserved for exercising. We sweat a lot. We sweat when we’re getting ready in the morning, we sweat walking from the parking lot and into the grocery store. We sweat right before that super important interview and presentation. We are sweaty. Our clothes absorb our sweat and the bacteria that is produced through sweating. Your clothes will hold onto that odor. Regular detergents will not kill the stink out of your clothes. Have you ever thought your running clothes were clean, after all, they had been washed; only to discover after you throw your shirt on that while they went through the washing machine, the smell did not get removed.

There are several detergents on the market that make outlandish claims that they cannot support. Just walking down the laundry detergent aisle; there are so many choices. Powders, liquids, various additives, bleach, color safe bleach, spray stain remover, boosting powders. All detergents have one thing in common: they promise to be the best. The best at removing stains, the best at restoring color and vibrancy, the best at removing odors.

What makes the OdorKlenz laundry additive the Best laundry detergent for sports clothes? Simply, put the technology was designed to attack and neutralize the chemistry of the sweat and body odors without the use of masking agents or fragrances. The results clean and odor free workout clothes and spending less time in your laundry room and more time in the gym getting in top shape. Besides the safety and efficacy benefits of the OdorKlenz technology, it also will save you money on replacing your workout clothes and gear. Also, if you are not completely sold or satisfied with the results, all products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Replace your scented laundry products and detergents with a product that is safe, effective, and proven to remove the toughest sports odors.

How to remove perspiration odor from clothes

bets detergent for workout clothesWashing your clothes regularly and frequently helps keep some odors at bay. Follow the instructions on your clothing for the best washing practices. Not every detergent is created equal, not all of them have the revolutionary technology that OdorKlenz does.

The proprietary technology behind OdorKlenz was designed to destroy broad array odors including sweat and body odors from clothing, linens, and towels. If sweat is allowed to dry on your clothing, it will react with bacteria, causing a pungent and foul odor. Sweat and body odors can also cross- contaminate other clothing and linens in your laundry basket, adding to your laundry odor problems. Easily remove sweat odors from your clothing by using OdorKlenz Laundry Additive with your normal detergent to get your clothes clean and odor free!

What Makes OdorKlenz Laundry Different?

The OdorKlenz laundry additive works to seek out the chemical compounds commonly associated with sweat and neutralize these odors at the source without the use of perfumes or toxic chemicals. OdorKlenz will neutralize and remove odors from the source: deep down in the fibers of your clothing. Odor-causing bacteria is tough to remove. You need an additive that has a proven record in eliminating harsh odors, but is gentle enough and safe enough to use around children and pets.

Smelly athletic gear is a fact of life for most youth athletes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do to stop odor in its tracks! The odors come to be through an entirely natural process when athlete’s body secretes perspiration, oils, and other residues during exercise or while playing on the field. These residues are the source of the odors because they are food for odor-causing bacteria and they allow bacteria to live. Bacteria that announces it’s presence in the form of pungent body odor. Bacteria that likes to hang on to fibers in your clothing and puts up a fight with your detergent.

how to get rid of sweat odor in clothes

how to wash workout clothesEver notice how hi-tech fabrics develop a lingering odor that doesn’t come out in the wash? OdorKlenz sport laundry additive was specifically formulated for removing sweat and body odors from theses hi-tech fabrics. Use it along with your normal laundry detergent, preferably with hot or warm water and a soak setting and it will neutralize all odors and residues without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals. OdorKlenz has a proven track record of being the best in the business. Are you ready to put it to the test with your athletic gear






Our Recommended Solution…

The OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive works effectively against the foulest of sweat and body odors. It works perfectly along with your laundry detergent, working to completely eliminate the body sweat odors. No more smelling like a gym after using this sport laundry additive!

  • Effectively Eliminates Sweat and Body Odors
  • Safe to Use on Dri-Fit and Yoga Pants
  • Apply 1/4 to 1/2 a Cup (Depending on Load Size), with Unscented Detergent
  • Use Warm, High Agitation Cycle

We are confident that our OdorKlenz Technology will drastically reduce the odors in your home, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, we will issue a full refund within 30 days of your purchase!

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“Absolutely love OdorKlenz It gets my sweaty workout clothes cleaner and fresher than any other product I’ve tried. Delivery was super quick, as well.”

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“I bought this specifically for my gym clothes and it works well at removing sweat smell and not doing it with some cheesy perfumes. Love this stuff!!”

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“This really works! My husband works in construction outdoors all day long and I’m afraid to wash his work clothes with anything else but OdorKlenz Sports.”

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This laundry detergent does exactly as it says and that is killing sweat odors for good. Will definitely order again!”

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