The Silent Killer in your Clothing- Formaldehyde Free Clothing Brands

The Silent Killer in your Clothes: Formaldehyde Free Clothing Brands

Formaldehyde Fashion Trend

Many clothing companies secretly employ methods in textile production which pollute the environment. They do this in order to manipulate the material that the clothing is manufactured from.Think about all the different styles of clothing there are out there. All the fibers: natural, synthetic, nylon, rayon, polyester. This list goes on and on. To produce dress out of that raw material; chemicals are added. Think about those super skinny fit, acid- washed, stretchy pair of jeans you bought the other day. Think about the process that the raw cut of cotton and then denim had to go through to get to the super stretchy fierce fashionista state. How many chemicals do you think it took to get to that particular look? It is tempting to think that you are safe from these unethical procedures. This is especially since the manufacturing companies are far from where you live. Nowadays, most clothing is made in some far-away country. Check the tag on your clothes; the odds are that they were manufactured in someplace other than where you are currently living. Do you want to know something interesting about manufacturing items in different countries? They all have various regulations and processes. The odds are that the mystery country that your clothing came from has different rules than you are used to.

You need to think again about how your clothes came to be in your possession. Some clothing brands use post-manufacturing chemical treatments to enhance the physical attributes of their products. They do this since there are certain kinds of cloth which are prone to creasing. Have you ever wondered jut how the polo t-shirt was “wrinkle-free” or how that pair of khaki pants were “wrinkle resistant”? In turn, these brands use toxic chemicals like formaldehyde to address these issues. So it is imperative for us to find formaldehyde-free clothing brands.

Why Is It Crucial to Find Formaldehyde Free Clothing Brands

Why Is It Crucial to Find Formaldehyde Free Clothing BrandsFormaldehyde is a chemical compound typically used to preserve organic materials. In fact, the last time you may have seen formaldehyde in action was probably in your high school biology class. Formaldehyde is almost exclusively used in the preservation of organic material, like those frogs that you had to dissect. That same chemical is also in your clothing. Commonly, this is known as an embalming chemical to keep corpses in preparation for funerals. Depending on the concentration used, formaldehyde can induce many health consequences.

Low levels can directly act as irritants to the eyes, skin, and nose. However, more severe health effects such as respiratory distress and cancer is observed among individuals who are exposed to very high concentrations. Yes. Cancer. If you are concerned about the level of formaldehyde in your clothing, it’s time to change out of those clothes in favor of a chemical-free clothing. Then the only accessory for your outfits should be those awesome bangle bracelets you picked up for a steal, not a chemical cocktail that is hazardous to your health. Likewise, respiratory distress will not be a good way to show off your latest fashion find. Respiratory distress is commonly known as shortness of breath, trouble breathing, and other factors.

With these health risks presented, the need to find formaldehyde-free clothing brands is now apparent. The use of this chemical in textiles is becoming more and more widespread. Along with a slew of health concerns, it’s important to know what is going into your clothing not only for your physical health but for the environment as well. Chemical additives added to clothing is not sustainable. Runoff and air quality are both areas of pollution that should be taken into account when thinking about sustainable and chemical-free purchases.  

Formaldehyde Detection

Formaldehyde tests for fabric are extensively scientific and expensive. A more practical way to determine which clothing brands are formaldehyde free is to conduct research. The best way to do so is through looking at the manufacturing processes that were employed. An excellent way to research manufacturing processes is to see where and how the clothing company produced their clothing. Knowing what the base fiber is in the clothing you are purchasing is also a good starting place. How did a cotton plant turn into a dress? This along with the places where these textiles were produced will tell you what you need to know.

Typically, you can find this information over the internet. Although, another way to determine a clothing brand’s utilization (or not) of formaldehyde is through reading customer reviews and forums.

Many people will be more than willing to answer the queries to your questions regarding certain clothing brands. Consumer forums are where discussions and tips can be shared for how other consumers were able to remove formaldehyde. They also usually share their experiences regarding their use of these formaldehyde-free clothing brands. In any case that detection becomes difficult, you will be left with no choice but to ask, “can you wash formaldehyde out clothing?”

How to Getting Rid of Dangerous ChemicalsHow to Getting Rid of Dangerous Chemicals

The good news is, yes, formaldehyde odor removal is possible. Just because the formaldehyde is present, does not mean that it gets to stay; like a bad fashion choice in your 1980s family portrait. It’s important to check all clothing for formaldehyde traces. Formaldehyde is easily transferable from surfaces to clothing. Frequently, clothing brands which are not formaldehyde free only retain trace amounts of this chemical in their clothes. This is because the chemical is only used to treat creases.

There are also many laws which now restrict the use of these compounds. Governing bodies are starting to set up guidelines on its use and typical concentration levels. Since the concentration of formaldehyde in these clothes are so small, the chemical easily washes off with special soaps.

This is because formaldehyde is also a water-soluble substance. With OdorKlenz, we have a variety of products to help you wash these chemicals out of your clothes, hassle free!

Just Remember When It Comes to Chemicals:

Keeping yourself safe from toxicants may be challenging, especially since your access to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde is unpredictable. There are some steps that you can take to keep your family safe and healthy. Your clothing is something that you wear throughout your whole life. The impact that chemical exposure from clothing has been well-researched. Continue researching and be an informed consumer. However, this problem’s solved by shifting to formaldehyde-free clothing brands which you can find through research in forums and customer reviews. Customer reviews are a good tool to use when buying clothes online. Often, the manufactured place is not in the details of the clothing item you are purchasing. If customer reviews are able to be commented on, a good question to ask is what the clothing manufacturer has for regulations on chemical treatments, and specifically for formaldehyde use in their clothing.  

Sometimes, your research will yield only minimal results, and formaldehyde detection will be difficult if you do it on your own. You are already taking the right steps to becoming chemical free by being an active researcher and consumer. It is best to wash your new clothes first before wearing them to remove these chemicals. Using a detergent that will safely and efficiently remove formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals is your first defense and step in keeping yourself and your family safe. Remember to make your clothes formaldehyde free before you wear them.

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