When and How to Do Mold Detection at Home

When and How to Do Mold Detection at Home

Homeowners juggle life responsibilities that come with building a family, aiming for career growth, and staying on top of finances not to mention their social life. It’s a lot, but that does not mean that you can neglect threats to your family and house such as a mold growth. Mold can grow in any environment that has moisture. Unless your home is smack in the middle of the Sahara Desert, you’ve most likely got the environment to produce mold. All mold needs are moisture and a dark space to grow. Think about all the places that moisture accumulates in your home: the window sills, the basement, the bathroom, the shower stall. The possibilities for mold to find a space to grow in your home are far and wide. It will find a way. Where there’s moisture; there’s mold.

Regular mold detection at home is one of the best things you can do to provide protection for your family from respiratory illnesses and allergy exacerbation. You need to know when and how to test for mold in the house by using kits. You can also use professional mold testing. Then, further steps need to be taken to ensure that your home is mold-free.

When is a Mold Test at Home Necessary?

Prioritize Mold Detection for your FamilySo you get why indoor mold detection at home is important, but do you know when you should be testing for molds? When do most mold accumulation and growth happen? Mold knows no season. It’s like the plain latte of the espresso world: easy to find anywhere.  Any time there is moisture, be it summer, winter, spring or fall, mold will grow.

A lot of homeowners walk in the dark and assume that they don’t need to test for molds unless one of the family members start smelling a musty smell. Don’t wait for your child or loved one to start sneezing, and wheezing.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait to do a mold test at home either through kits or professional mold testing companies when your family members are already showing signs of toxic mold exposureThere are hundreds of strains of mold that can grow in your home. When you suspect mold, it is best to have it tested. A good rule of thumb when moving into a new house: have a contractor come in and test the dwelling.

Professional mold testing contractors advise us to do a regular mold test at home, whether annual or semi-annual. The more your home is exposed to moisture, the better it is to conduct more frequent spore growth tests.

Having a contractor come to your home to test for mold is often the best idea. With all the variants of mold present in several climate-zones, you may not know what kind of mold you could be dealing with. Toxic mold can cause a lot of damage, and releasing spores into the air without proper equipment is not a good idea.

How to Test for Mold in the House

You have two options for mold detection at home. First, do it yourself with a mold detection kit. Second, hire the services of expert mold inspectors and removers for a more reliable and thorough mold sampling and inspection.

So when do you use these two options? Ideally, it’s best to use kits which you can probably buy on Ebay or Amazon if the fungi growth is visible on walls and other areas so you don’t need to sample in order to locate where the growth is. Mold kits that are sold on the internet may not be the ones that are necessary to test the king of mold that is in your home. Make sure that you are checking the kinds of mold that are common in your area prior to purchasing a kit online.

However, if you can smell a musty odor, there are water issues or plumbing leaks, you want a thorough indoor air quality test, or you suspect widespread mold growth. According to EPA, it’s a good idea to hire professional mold testing, removal, and remediation companies for best results.

How to Do Mold Detection at Home

What to Do After Professional Mold Testing

So you get the pros to do a black mold test at home, and their inspections found a toxic fungi growth problem. The next step is a lengthy abatement process that the professionals carry out in a safe manner, limiting the amount of spores released into the air. They proceed to remove the molds with their advanced biotechnologies, and now your home is safe again. You are probably wondering,  do you just stop there, when all the contractors have completed the abatement and have left, is there anything else left to check for mold?

When your home gets infected with molds, your clothes and other personal effects are also likely to be affected. What you need to do then is to take all of your laundry and clothes and check if any of them have mildew growth. Checking for mold in your towels, sheets, bedding, and clothes can be done by either sight or smell. The odds are that mold spores have attached to the fabric of your clothing, towels, and sheets. If any clothes do, OdorKlenz is perfect to remove mildew stains out of clothes. Inspect other belongings that can retain moisture as well. OdorKlenz will remove spore from fabric.

Prioritize Mold Detection for your Family’s Health

Mold detection should not take a backseat when life gets busy. If you live in an area where it often rains, the more you need to conduct regular mold tests at home to control the situation. Mold spores can linger in the air, so it is best to make sure the spores are removed as well as the mold that is seen by the naked eye. Even if you cannot see it, the mold may still be there. Start today by using kits or hiring a professional mold testing company depending on your needs and of course your budget. The important thing is you’re always on the lookout for threats to your air quality and family’s health.

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