Sweat Odor Remedies: Remove Body Odor from Clothes

Sweat Odor Remedies: Remove Body Odor from Clothes

We all know and remember that one poor kid in the class who always seemed to be prone to sweats and smells, as a result, sour smells will start to elicit after just a few minutes of physical activity. He may have covered himself in body spray, but it didn’t cover the stink and resulted in an awkward mixture of fragrance and body odor. Strong BO is a more common problem than you ( or that pitiable kid) might think. While it feels isolating, teenage sweat is a common issue. And though this can be quite taxing on a person’s self-esteem and social life, it is not completely hopeless.

There are plenty of sweat odor remedies that can help. Whether you have a teenage or not, if you or someone you know who might be having this problem, you might be wondering what you can do to minimize the BO and rid your clothes of the embarrassing smell as well. With the following knowledge, we hope to inform you of some of the causes of body odor and how to prevent it and remove it from clothes so that people with this smelly issue can start living an odor-free, socially liberating life.

Causes of Body Odor4 Main Causes of Body Odor

Which sweat odor remedies work for you depends on the causes of your unpleasant odor. The causes of body odor can be medical, hygienic and lifestyle-related.

  1. Medical – People with existing health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and hyperhidrosis often suffer from extra sweat. In the case of hyperhidrosis, in particular, a person is fraught with a condition wherein he or she has excessive sweating that does not stop even when at rest! Unusual perspiration can not only be hard on your laundry but also cause embarrassing armpit and foot odor.
  2. Hygiene – Bad hygiene is most likely an issue for busy teens still learning how often they should shower and deodorize. It is an entirely normal learning curve any parent is familiar with, and this learning curve is also one of the most common causes of body odor. Taking more frequent showers is enough to get rid of the problem if this is the case and moms know that getting there could require “the talk.” You know, the one where parents get real with their teens about the fact that though they are always precious and loved, they also need to use soap in their armpits for the sake of the people around them.
  3. Food Intake – Somewhat surprisingly, the food you eat can affect the way you smell! We all know to avoid excessive asparagus, so our urine doesn’t reek, but if you’re frequently eating spicy foods, you may be surprised to find out that it can also cause an unpleasant smell. The spices, for one, make you more prone to sweating (ever tried a level 3 pad thai?) and for two, can cause more severe odor in your sweat! Who knew!
  4. Hormonal Changes – Good old hormones. This also affects a lot of teenagers as they experience such drastic influxes during puberty, but hormones affect us all to varying degrees. Pregnant women will notice many hormonal effects which can absolutely include excessive heat and sweat. People with certain medical conditions will also suffer some of the ill effects of hormonal shifts. Extreme stress can also cause hormones to get out of whack and some people, at least temporarily, may find the need to bathe two or more times a day. It can be frustrating, but it’s something to keep in mind when going through significant life events.

Underarm Sweat Odor Remedies

Before we learn how to remove body odor from clothes, it’s important to first discuss how to remove underarm odor permanently. Because even if you eliminate sweat odors from clothes, it will just keep coming back if the odor problem is not addressed head on.

To remove sweat odors, identify the cause of the issue first. Do you have a condition that could be causing odor problem? Do you shower enough and use deodorants or other products to control your sweating or smell? As we just learned, you should also consider if you’ve been eating a lot of spicy foods and be thoughtful about your stress levels.

Once the causes of body odor have been identified, find a solution!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Obviously, if the issue is medical, take the necessary treatment to address these problems as prescribed by your doctor.
  • If the issue is diet, you may want to make necessary changes to your diet and also consider whether or not the extra chili pepper is worth the stink (it very well may be!)
  • If the issue is simple hygiene, that’s easy! Start to be more hygienic! You can take as many showers as you like as well as use as much soap as you please. There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?
  • If the issue is hormonal, you can try more frequent bathing and stronger deodorants, but you may have to just ride it out. If the excessive sweat and odor persist longer than you think reasonable, consult a physician for help in managing your hormonal shifts.

How to Remove Body Odor from ClothesHow to Remove Body Odor from Clothes

Okay, now you are feeling cleaner and keeping the odor emission to a minimum. Great! Yet even when you’ve addressed your body odor problem, you still need to know how to remove body odor from clothes to be completely odor-free. We’re not letting all that work go to waste by leaving our clothes smelling funky!

Many people would just throw their sweaty clothes in for a wash using their normal scented detergents, but this method is a major spell for a disaster! What these scented products do is mask the sweating smell without really completely removing it. So when you wear them and start sweating again, it will start to smell again!

To remove body odor smell and sweat stains from clothes, it’s best to use OdorKlenz, a no-scent laundry additive that eliminates tough odors from fabrics. This additive removes the smell and not just mask it with its own synthetic fragrance.

Follow these Sweat Odor Remedies and Tips Now!

Take charge of how you and others see (and smell!) yourself by learning how to remove underarm odor permanently. By taking steps today, you’ll learn which remedy helps you and which ones don’t, so you’ll be more equipped with tackling this problem on a day-to-day basis.

Enjoy your odor-free life!

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