What Causes Body Odor?

What Causes Body Odors?

We all know that a good amount of people produce stinky sweat (myself included- but that will be our little secret). There are two major problems here.  One being, “how can I reduce the strength and potency of my sweat?” and the other, “how do I get this body odor smell out of my clothing?.” Let’s get a basic understanding of why our sweat stinks; then we can begin to address those issues.

Have you noticed a weird smell in the air after working out in the morning? As your body temperature and blood pressure rises during your workout, your body produces sweat and, consequently, emits foul odors.

Body odor otherwise known as Bromhidrosis or foul-smelling sweat is caused when perspiration or sweat produced by the body mixes with bacteria present on the surface of your skin. Sweat is made up of mostly water, but also contains traces of chemicals like ammonia, urea, salts, and sugars. When this concoction of bacteria and sweat seeps into what you are wearing, it becomes difficult to remove body odor from clothing.

It’s pretty frustrating to admit that you are the one people are noticing when you walk down the supermarket aisle. When it comes to this discussion, aroma may not be such a sweet smelling word. You are probably dealing with body odor and are looking for the causes of Bromhidrosis. Aside from the sweat and bacteria, there might be other factors that are affecting you. For example, you read above that your sweat contains ammonia. Do you know what else contains ammonia? Your pee. Cat pee. Pee! If you have male cats that like to mark their territory, or kids going through potty training, you know this smell well.  Pee gets stinky because of ammonia (the same chemical in sweat), which contains the “left-overs” of your body’s process of breaking down proteins.

While you are on your quest to figure out what causes Bromhidrosis in your body, and how to reduce the sink, there are several aspects you must keep in mind: the foods and liquids you are consuming, any medical conditions or medications you may be taking, and increased stressors. Although DNA and age may have some effect on how your body produces sweat, these are the most commonly known causes of Bromhidrosis.

Other Causes of Bromhidrosis


There are “trigger foods” or foods which will boost the chemicals from your body, causing a stronger aroma. After your body has processed what it wants to keep, it then sends the remaining “leftovers” through your body to find their way out through the openings of the body like pores in the skin, as well our the body’s other natural waste excretion system.

Vegetables with sulfur-Foods which contain high amounts of sulfides (naturally occurring sulfur called organosulfurs) can be a contributor. Organosulfurs are essential nutrients; sulfur can be found in every single cell in the human body. When your body odor begins smelling strong, it may indicate you have an excess of sulfur in the body. Most foods in the Brassica and Allium genomes fit in this category of foods which contain organosulfur. Asparagus is probably the most commonly know food to cause the increase of ammonia emitted from the body, causing smelly sweat and urine. In the Brassica family, you have your yummy and healthy vegetables including broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Your Allium family includes onion, garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, and chives. Spicy foods which are heavy in garlic, curry and other spices, may also be causing smelly body odor. These foods create gasses which make their way out of your body through the pores in your skin. Drink a lot of water when eating spicy foods, in order to help clean these toxins from your digestive system.

Meats- Red meats may be a contributor. Since red meats are more difficult to digest, your body works overtime to break down the meat.  This may cause the sweat glands to create an increase in sweat production. Fish is a healthy alternative to red meat, although choline is found in fish like salmon and tuna in an ample amount.  Choline is part of the B- complex vitamin family, and when found in fish, can cause your body to emit a fish-like body odor.

Greasy and fried foods- Another cause of foul body odor is consuming too many fried and greasy foods. These types of foods can cause more bacteria to grow on your skin and in your mouth. The oils in these heavily processed foods cause poor digestion and therefore causes bromhidrosis.

Processed foods-Processed foods lack the natural plant-based chlorophyll which helps your body digest and detox chemicals properly and efficiently.  These foods also have a high glycemic index and contain a high carb and sugar combination, making it hard to break down. And we know, the harder your body has to work, the more your sweat increases, and the harder it is for your kidneys to do their job.


The same theory applies to liquids.  The body has little need for drinks such as alcohol and coffee, so it takes little out for nutrition and excretes the rest of the chemicals through your skin by sweat glands, and the through the urinary system. Water is essential to kidney function, which helps break down and flushes out these chemicals.  It is necessary to have a sturdy regimen of hydration, especially during exercise, and when life stressors are in increased.


Stress is not such a great thing but is an excellent answer to what causes body odors. If you just heard the news that there are mass layoffs at work, you might start to sweat a little or a lot. Being anxious causes your body to release cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol is a massive cause of excessive sweating. Sweating may not be a problem for everyone since some people have smaller amounts of bacteria living on their skin. The bacterial component is the real cause of bromhidrosis, and when combined with the idea of proper kidney function, it explains why some people have more smelly sweat than others.

Medical Conditions:

There are medical conditions themselves which may cause smelly sweat.  It is important to be in contact with your physician if you have tried these tips and still have strong urine and body odor. But maybe you have a chronic medical problem that requires you to take medication. There are medications which have side effects, and one of those effects may be body odor. Most medications have a comprehensive list of side effects, and one of those results may be body odor. Some medicines can be what causes body odors in your mouth. Dryness of the mouth causes sulphur to build up around the teeth and gums. Sulphur is known to emit the scent of rotten egg. Read the labels on the medicines you are using to make sure that you don’t take multiple prescriptions are compatible to be used together and ensure you are taking each prescription as prescribed by your doctor.

Vitamins and Mineral Deficiencies

Does your doctor talk to you about what vitamins you are taking? In our society with such excellent access to processed and frozen foods, we often don’t get the recommended vitamins and mineral from our food intake. Omitting magnesium from our diet is an unfortunate mistake. Magnesium aids in the removal of bromhidrosis. Try to include dark chocolate, oatmeal, raw nuts, almond nuts, and cashew nuts into your diet. These type of foods are rich in magnesium.

Removing Body Odor Smell From Clothing

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Discussion: Now that you know what causes Bromhidrosis, you should remember to be mindful of what you are consuming. Most of all, don’t forget to maintain proper hygiene by regularly bathing and using antibacterial soap. Changing undergarments daily and using the appropriate deodorants or antiperspirants will help too. If you have clothes that are holding in your body odor scents, try using OdorKlenz detergent to remove the smell safely and without adding dangerous chemicals to your clothing.


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