What Causes Body Odor?

What Causes Body Odors?

Have you noticed a weird smell in the air after working out in the morning? As your blood pressure rises during your work-out, your body will sweat and consequently emit foul odors from time to time.

Body odor otherwise known as Bromhidrosis is caused when sweat is produced by your body and mixes with bacteria present on the surface of your skin. When bacteria and sweat seep into what you are wearing, it becomes difficult to remove body odor from clothing.

You probably are dealing with body odor and are looking for the causes of Bromhidrosis. Aside from the sweat and bacteria, there might be other factors that are affecting you.

While you are on your quest to figure out what the causes of Bromhidrosis are and how to reduce them, there are several aspects you must keep in mind: The foods you are consuming, any medications you may be taking, and stress are the most common causes of Bromhidrosis.

Other Causes of Bromhidrosis


There are foods which contain high amounts of sulfides which find their way out through the openings of the skin and mouth. Spicy foods which are heavy in garlic, curry and other spices, release sulfides that will break down in the body. These gasses make their way out of your body through the pores in your skin. Drink a lot of water when eating spicy foods, in order to help clean these toxins from your digestive system.


Stress is a great answer to what causes body odors. If you just heard the news that there are mass layoffs at work, you might start to sweat a little or a lot. Being anxious causes your body to release cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol is a huge cause of excessive sweating. Sweating may not be a problem for everyone since some people have smaller amounts of bacteria living on their skin. The bacterial component is the real cause of bromhidrosis.

Medical Conditions:

Maybe you have regular medical problems that require you to take medication. There are medications which have side effects, and one of those effects may be body odor. Some medications can be what causes body odors in your mouth. Drying of the mouth causes sulphur to build up around the teeth and gums. Sulphur is known to emit the scent of rotten egg. Read the labels on the medicines you are using to make sure that you don’t take multiple prescriptions that aren’t meant to be used together.

Vitamins and Mineral Deficiencies

Omitting magnesium from our diet is an unfortunate mistake. Magnesium aids in the removal of bromhidrosis. Try to include dark chocolate, oatmeal, raw nuts, almond nuts, and cashew nuts into your diet. These type of foods are rich in magnesium.

Another cause of body odor is consuming too many fried and greasy foods. These types of foods can cause more bacteria to grow on your skin and in your mouth. The oils in these heavily processed foods cause poor digestion and therefore causes bromhidrosis.

Now that you know what the causes of Bromhidrosis are, you should remember to be mindful of what you are consuming. Most of all, don’t forget to maintain proper hygiene by regularly bathing and using antibacterial soap. Changing undergarments daily and using the appropriate deodorants or antiperspirants will help too.

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