Yes, it does. I've tried every laundry product out there to get rid of the various odors that come with children and animals, and while some others work at least some of the time, this is the first one I've found that completely eradicates all odors and doesn't leave any powders or oils or "pleasant scent" of its own. Buy some. Sure, it's annoying to pay to have laundry products shipped to you, so buy the biggest size - the shipping's nearly the same for all the sizes. You'll be happy with it. You might even be happy with me for telling you about it.

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I bought this product based on all the positive reviews that the product really does eliminate body odor. I am so happy with the results of the product that I am buying more!! My husband does a martial arts 5 days a week for hours in a non-air conditioned facility. He washes his uniform and lets it air dry every day. I could smell his uniform in the laundry room everyday after it had dried. This product has totally taken the body odor out of the uniform after every wash! It doesn't take much and last a long time! This is the only product I have found to ever take out odor!!

I go through this monthly! I use this on my son's 'stinky' wrestling clothes and my hubby's work-out clothes. This is the first product I have found to take the odor out of clothes and towels!

It took the mildew smell from my towels. It's a little pricey, but I didn't have to buy new towels, just yet. Good product would recommend.

It worked better than any product I've tried before. Took out musty odors from my laundry. Very satisfied.

it took me multiple washes but I am still happy to be ale to but thrift store clothes again!! My advice to other is to follow best practices for best results.

Worked great for our needs! We let our friend try it for her son's bedding odors, worked great!

OdorKlenze helped get rid of the musty smell in our towels. Love it!

Worked"OK" at removing sweat odors from my gym clothes, I may buy again because it still beats using vinegar and anything else that I have found to date

This really removes perfume! A pedicurist used a lotion with a very strong and long-lasting fragrance which I couldn't get out of my pant legs (it took three days to get the smell out of my skin!). The fragrance didn't come out in the wash but instead transferred to everything else in the load. I tried several odor-removing products which didn't work on perfume. But OdorKlenz removed the perfume. So happy I didn't have to throw away those clothes (I have asthma and allergies and they were just not wearable with all that fragrance.)

A couple of items had to be washed twice, but the perfume is really gone after using OdorKlenz.

We just used OdorKlenz at our yoga studio to wash towels and linens and we are floored with the result. We were literally throwing out the towels because we couldn't get them clean now we actually have something that can get rid of the odors.. 5 stars!!

gets rid of gym odor but I usually need to use more than the recommended amount

worked well on sweat and body odors but didn't remove moth ball smells from my scarves...

Reading other reviews on this product I find it difficult to understand why people are having difficulty using it. I can't live without it! Summer is upon us and this is my only savior from major, repeat major sweat odor problems. I use it in the laundry. It works if used in line with instructions and it's non toxic for people, pets and the environment. If the smell doesn't come out with one scoop I use two and soak the load in it for about an hour prior to agitating the washing machine. It's a natural powder mix of minerals. Think ground up rocks that need to be agitated to dissolve then add the detergent then the clothes, bedding, whatever stinks and run the machine as usual. I got spooked when the summer smell arose the other day and immediately rewashed the affected items. It worked. Thank heavens. I can't stand stinky stuff around. It makes me sick. Please call the number on the container and explain your problem. They will guide you. This works and is NON TOXIC. It's expensive but for me it's worth every penny...but don't tell them or they may raise the price! It lasts a long time. I came on line to make sure it is still available, and it is. However, I still have 3/4ths of a bucket left from last summer so I've filed it in my wish list for when I need more. It works. No kidding.

I've been using this powder for a few months as an additive to my regular (unscented) detergent on technical fabrics, where Ive had the most trouble with sweat stink.
I've found Odorklenz to be pretty effective on all but the most entrenched smells, which require multiple washes. Certainly better than nothing--I no longer feel the temptation to throw away my favorite (expensive) sport clothes anymore.

I am a big fan of OdorKlenz. Found them before they were on Amazon and followed them here. This super fine powder will absorb the nastiest smells out of cloth. Sour towels, hunting clothing...scent free. No issues with clumping. I haven't had a chance to use it on skunk yet, but will be ready when that strikes. I use it sparingly.

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