How to Use OdorKlenz-Laundry

OdorKlenz-Laundry was designed to boost your routine and allow you to eliminate odors from your hardworking fabrics. Our additive safely removes and neutralizes a broad array without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals.The OdorKlenz commitment to using only safe and natural ingredients inspired us to formulate our additive, now a favorite of our customers, using earth based minerals. It is the ideal choice for those who suffer from fragrance sensitivities, allergies, and respiratory illnesses. Our powerful formula is guaranteed to remove the toughest, most stubborn odors from clothing and linens.

The natural ingredients are safe enough to use on all washable fabrics but strong enough to remove the most pernicious stink. Our lab testing and our valued customers have verified that the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive completely eradicates odors ranging from mold and mildew, pet and urine smells, smoke and tobacco remnants, chemical fragrances, strong perfume, and much more. Our formula is powerful enough to use on extreme odors but gentle enough to use in every load just to keep things fresh!

OdorKlenz-Laundry is safe to use in all washing machines from top load washers to your front load washers.