Removing Smoke &Tobacco Odors From Clothes

remove smoke odors from cltohesSmoke & Tobacco Odors can easily be as one of the toughest odors to remove from clothing and linens. Both ex-smokers and non-smokers can attest to the challenges that come with removing smoke odors but the problem that most consumer face is finding a product that can actually remove smoke odors from the textiles.

Why smoke smell is so corrosive?

Smoke particles can be as small as .001% of the width of a human hair, which allows them to penetrate almost any part of a house. Tobacco smoke can easily circulate through a building’s ventilation system or come up through apartment floors. Tenant/tenant and tenant/landlord disputes commonly arise when smoke odors penetrate adjacent housing units.It is not clear whether tobacco smoke odor is dangerous or if it is merely a nuisance. While tobacco smoke is a known carcinogen, little is known about the health effects of the particles that are left in the air after you can no longer see the smoke.

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Will Home remedies work on removing smoke odors

home remedies for smoke odorsHome remedies have long been regarded as a cheap and effective way of using goods and materials commonly found in our kitchen pantry and medicine cabinets as a solution to an odor emergency.Today we will cover a home remedy that we come across on the Internet of using vinegar in your wash to remove smoke and tobacco odors. vinegar, in fact, works similar to an acid to break down some forms of the odor molecules but will not neutralize the odors at the source.

In fact, you washing machine manufacturer would strongly disagree with you using vinegar inside of your machine because of its acidic nature vinegar will say eats away and rot the rubber hoses and seals. If these seals are corroded it can cause leaks in the hose are as well as a transfer of a burn smell or emission from the motor as well, although vinegar is chemical free it is not good to use on the inside of any machinery.

Can OdorKlenz Laundry Remove Smoke & Tobacco Smell

remove chemical odors from your clothesOdorKlenz laundry has been tested and proven on some of the toughest odors including the removal of smoke and tobacco smell from clothing and linens. Unlike traditional detergents which rely on masking the odors, the OdorKlenz laundry additive works to seek out the chemical odors in smoke and tobacco smell and neutralize them at the source. The OdorKlenz laundry additive is versatile enough to completely remove the toughest odors yet gentle enough to use on all washable fabrics and in High-Efficiency machines. The additive can be used along with your normal detergent to remove a whole host of odors beyond smoke smell and like all OdorKlenz products the laundry additive is backed with a 30-day money back guarantee

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