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Our deodorizer is ideal for removing musty smells set in from previous use. Whether you buy a used machine, move into a rental, or come home from a long trip away, you are likely to be disgruntled by the smell you find when you open the door Like all of our products, the OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer is formulated to neutralize odors at their source via a compilation of metal oxides which are naturally derived and known to be safe for humans, animals, and the environment. Our deodorizer will not scratch the drum of your machine nor will it leave behind a residue for you to clean up. We have also made this product affordable so that you can incorporate it into your routine without overspending

Simply pour it in your machine per instructions and run a cycle. You will be relieved of the offensive smell before you can say “clean has no odor!”

Instructions for Use

  • Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual to be aware of special precautions specific to your machine. The OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer is HE friendly.
  • Remove clothing or excess debris from beneath the agitator or in the rubber gasket.
  • Shake the jug of OdorKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer vigorously to unsettle minerals and ensure even distribution of the product.
  • Pour ½ cup of deodorizer into the dispenser or directly into the drum.
  • Run a normal, warm water cycle (refer to the manual for maintenance cycles).
  • Breathe in that odor-free air!


Have you ever opened your washing machine and been accosted by the smell? Or maybe you’ve wandered around your home searching for the source of some foul stench only to find yourself in the laundry room – the one place where odors are supposed to go to die! You are not alone. From time to time, washing machines are known to develop quite an odor and leaving the door open between uses is simply not enough to keep it at bay. Just like you should be changing your machine’s filter on a regular basis, deodorizing it should be a part of your deep-clean routine.

It isn’t hard to imagine where the odors originate. In newer, front loading machines moisture gets trapped in the rubber gasket which seals the door. The protected, wet space is ideal for bacteria to grow and when you consider all the nasty things we throw into the wash, you have the perfect recipe for particularly awful smells. Top loading machines are no better with crevices right there in the drum susceptible to water and debris collection.

Fortunately, OdorKlenz is your expert on unwanted smells and has come up with a solution to this particular problem. With our Washing Machine Deodorizer, you can get rid of those troublesome aromas quickly and avoid transferring any stink to your laundry.

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