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The Sport Laundry Additive is gentle enough to use in multiple cycles. Your favorite running shorts will be sweat and odor free after washing with the Sport Laundry Additive. Normal detergents may mask the odor, but the second you put on your favorite jersey, the odor returns as strong as before. That’s because the odor was never neutralized and removed before; just masked by fragrances. Our Sport Laundry Additive is specifically formulated for athletic apparel. DRI-Fit, your favorite yoga pants (even if you don’t practice yoga in them), to that reflective vest that you didn’t think would get smelly, but did, because odor has no boundaries.  

The Sport Laundry Additive is available in two options: liquid and powder. For the liquid formula, the laundry practices for best results include adding a ¼ cup for a small load of laundry, and a ½ cup for a medium load; add with your regular detergent. For optimal results in a top-loading washing machine, add the Sport Laundry Additive once the clothes in your wash basin are halfway submerged.  For the powder option, add 1 scoop for small loads, and two scoops for large loads. Similarly, to the liquid formula, for top load washers, add the powder Sport Laundry Additive to your wash basin once the clothes have been submerged halfway.

Make your victory all the sweeter with clean and fresh clothing, ready to tackle the next hurdle and stride into the next end zone feeling and smelling as fresh as your first victory.



Victory sweat. It’s the sweat you have worked hard for, trained for, hit the gym at early morning hours to achieve that skill, get the gains, and earn that PR for. Victory sweat is the best kind of sweat. It’s also the smelliest sweat on earth. It seeps into your polyester blend athletic apparel and doesn’t let go. Because its victory sweat, and victory sweat doesn’t quit.

But victors don’t have smelly athletic apparel. They have clean, fresh smelling jerseys.  While athletic apparel is designed for flexibility and breathability, the synthetic fibers are a breeding ground for bacteria producing odor. All your victory sweat will produce more odor the longer it sits on clothing. That’s why we at OdorKlenz developed our innovative Sport Laundry Additive. With the strength to remove even the toughest lingering victory odor, but gentle enough since no harsh chemicals, fragrances, or bleaching agents are used. Optimized to neutralize and remove odor from even the most celebrated and well-worn sporting clothes.

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