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We may not think of it this way, but the fabrics in our lives say a lot about us. Your clothing tells the world around us something about your personality – are you laid back, glammed up, ambivalent to fashion altogether? Do you prefer classic pieces or bold patterns and prints? Likewise, your linens say something, too – when guests come to visit are they greeted with soft, fresh sheets and blankets and warm, odor-free towels or are they tossed a sleeping bag on the couch? Your friends will love you either way, but maybe give them a heads up about the sheets!

The OdorKlenz Laundry Additive Powder offers complete protection against all kinds of stinky presentations. Our proprietary formula relies on natural minerals to combat odors at a molecular level. It is a tough and comprehensive odor eliminator, but it is also perfectly safe to use on all kinds of fabrics – anything you would throw into the wash regularly – yet it is also gentle enough to use on materials you can only wash by hand.


Because we use trusted natural ingredients, the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive Powder (like all of our products) is environmentally responsible and poses no risk to your family or home. We are committed to developing and utilizing technology which enhances your life without compromising your health and safety, nor threatening our planet and we are pleased to say our additive fits the bill!

Part of that commitment is staying away from masking agents or perfumes in our products. We want to rid your laundry of bad smells, not merely cover them up with chemicals! You will not find any fragrances in our additive. In fact, it works to neutralize even the scents your detergent leaves behind which means you won’t smell of toxins nor will your guests have to plug their noses when they use your linens. This is particularly important for those who suffer from MCS.

Using the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive Powder is incredibly simple! Just add a scoop or two (depending on the size of your load) to your wash along with your regular detergent. We recommend you run a warm water cycle and give it an extra rinse. That’s it! We designed our additive for use in both traditional and HE machines. From body odor to tobacco remnants to chemical fragrances, our additive eliminates malodors at the source, so your laundry only says the nicest things about you!

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22 reviews for OdorKlenz Laundry Powder

  1. Sophie U

    The first thing I tried was the laundry powder because I had a load of wet towels that had been mistakenly left wet in the washing machine for days- so the smell was pretty bad. I tossed in some OdorKlenz Powder Additive, and the smell was totally gone when the load was done.

  2. Terri A

    As a Bikram Yoga teacher, I have lots of sweaty yoga clothes at the end of each day. I had several items of clothes that I thought were headed for the trash because I could not get the odor out. I found your product online and thought it was worth a try. I was thrilled when all the clothes came out of the wash odor free. I love that OdorKlenz does not add scent to the clothes. After trying the product, I purchased a case of OdorKlenz Laundry Powder. I highly recommend this OdorKlenz liquid to anyone who has smelly workout clothes.

  3. Patricia M.

    My husband is a helicopter mechanic in the U.S. Army. Every day he comes home reeking of jet fuel! It doesn’t matter how many times I wash his work uniforms, or what I use, the smell just won’t come out. I can’t even cover it up with the smell from laundry soap or softener. So, I tried washing the uniforms in water with just the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive, and the results were incredible!… No more smell at all! I need more of this stuff to use on every load of laundry!

  4. Boyce W

    I never knew what to use to get the “sweat” odor out of my husbands’ and sons’ workout clothes, as well as their bath towels. OdorKlenz did the trick! I love the product!

  5. Sue O

    My sisters-in-law and I trade off on doing their mothers laundry. This is absolutely the best product we have found to get the urine smell out of some of her clothes. Other products required several washings and still was not satisfactory.

  6. Sherri D.

    I was ready to throw away every bath towel in my house before I tried OdorKlenz. After using this product one time the odors in my towels were completely gone. I had tried every kind of detergent and fabric softener, but nothing worked as good as this.

  7. Midaglia G.

    I just wanted to say thank you for improving the quality of life at my household. When I stumbled across your product I was to the point of deciding it was time to discard some clothing because of smells that just would not go away. My daughter rides horses and all the horse smell in my house is gone. My other daughter is a dancer and her feet make her tights unbearable to be near. Thanks to OdorKlenz no more stinky clothes!

  8. Ruth O

    Exponentially better than the seventh-generation laundry detergent we use to buy!

  9. Theresa H

    Helped me get some chemical smells out of a new pair of black jeans. Took two washed but I don’t think there is anything in this world that could have done it in less time.

  10. Edwin R

    Love this product and I love their customer service. Love-Love OdorKlenz!

  11. Terrance M.

    Works great on sweat odors!

  12. Rhonda M.

    Our Misty cat loves to go in her new pet bedding. I was not about to go spend another 300 on a new bed. I tried this product because of a 15% coupon I found. Worked great to remove the urine smell and keep the fresh smell for weeks after washing.

  13. Charles Q

    I am so angry that it took me so long to discover this additive. I love that it’s natural and really helps me get the smell out of my towels.

  14. Bernice T

    A great product, love it! I wish that I could purchase it locally to save on shipping.

  15. Rosa B

    I have used the OdorKlenz Laundry Powder for a couple of years now and absolutely love it! It is the only product that REALLY gets rid of sweat smell on laundry, it does not mask smells it really removes them for good. I tried many options before I found out about this product and never went back to using anything else. Love it and highly recommend it to anyone frustrated with smelly laundry!

  16. Kendrick S

    Cleans my clothes fairly well and does not irritate my skin in any way.

  17. Greg L.

    I teach Yoga and participate in regular Hot Yoga classes. I accumulate my yoga clothes and wash them together. I have found OdorKlenz to be the only thing that eliminates the body odors in my stinky yoga clothes. I just mix the powder with water and add it to the cycle as the water is filling the tub. It does what it claims to do!!

  18. Terry B.

    Pricey, but it works great! It has helped to clean up my little boys’ cloth diapers.

  19. Julie E.

    Great additive for odors, but it is a little pricey to use on every load for me (college student).

  20. Lillie A

    I love OdorKlenz. Before running across them on the Internet I have tried lots of natural free and clear detergents that didn’t do the job for my family. I find using the powder additive it gets my laundry fresher than other popular (natural) brands and I love that it is chemical free.

  21. Cheryl H.

    OMG. I used it and I freaking love it – it works AMAZINGLY well!

  22. Allyson K

    Love it! It works great… I will continue to keep purchasing. Thank you!!

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