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We all love that “fresh” and “clean” smell of clothes as they come out of the dryer. All warm and clean. Cool and crisp. Until you realize that some of those smells that are associated with “fresh” and “clean” are chemically synthesized fragrances that are hazardous to your health. That headache you have after doing all that laundry? Not from the repetitive folding and sorting. That headache is a common side effect of inhaling harsh chemicals.

Available in both a powder and liquid form, the OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is formulated for use in HE (High Efficiency) and top loading washing machines. For the powder formula, simply sprinkle the desired amount of detergent in either the correct port for powder detergents in your HE machine or over your clothing before washing in top-load washers. For the liquid formula, pour the desired amount into the correct port for your HE machine; top loading machines detergent can be poured over clothing before use.


· Soda Ash
· Magnesium Oxide
· Zinc Oxide
· Titanium Dioxide



At OdorKlenz, we loved that “fresh” and “clean” smell too. But we liked it without the harsh, toxic chemicals that are used to create that scent. That’s why we’ve developed OdorKlenz Laundry Additive. A safe alternative for removing dirt and odors from fabrics and clothing. Formulated with the cutting-edge technology that OdorKlenz is renowned for, but without bleaching agents and chemicals that are harmful to your health.

“Clean” to OdorKlenz not only means free of dirt and odor; it means simple, effective, and without the frills of conventional detergents. Utilizing the revolutionary earth mineral technology that neutralizes odors and removes them from the source, the Laundry Additive formula is tough on dirt and odors. Rather than just replacing odors by masking them in chemical fragrances that are highly toxic, OdorKlenz Laundry Additive tackles the odor by first neutralizing the particular odor, and targeting the area where the odor has settled. Gentle enough to use on the most delicate fabrics such as nylon, lace, rayon, and delicates.


Take back your laundry from harsh chemicals and fragrances. Chemicals that are hard to pronounce and only mask odors; chemicals that strip clothing of their materials and are ruined after just a few loads. Treat your clothing to a softer, gentler detergent. A detergent that completely removes odors as well as stains. Make the switch to a detergent that is safe enough to use around children- safe enough for the kids to do their own laundry! With OdorKlenz’s Laundry Additive, your clothes will actually be fresh and clean.


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