Headaches caused by strong perfume smells

Can Fragrances Give You Headaches or Migraines?

can fragrances give you headachesAre you a hypersensitive person? Maybe you often sneeze when you walk into a room with a strong or pungent odor, good or bad. Perhaps, your sinuses are affected by the smell of your fabric softener. These soaps and detergents can make it a challenge to remove fragrances from your clothes. Have you noticed a sudden sensitivity to smells that cause you headaches and migraines frequently? You probably suffer from hypersensitivity if you experience any or all of these symptoms. If you have ever wondered, “can fragrances give you headaches?” The answer is, absolutely!

What Can Affect Your Fragrance Sensitivity?

Throughout our daily interaction, we come into contact with a plethora of various odors. There are perfumes, air fresheners, cleaning sprays, detergents & fabric softeners, just to name a few. Nowadays, perfumes and colognes are advertised extremely well and sell even more. There has been an increase in products being purchased with pungent and sweet smells which have encouraged other manufacturers to do so as well. This is terrible news for people with fragrance sensitivity.

Now, you will find yourself in situations where you have to enter a room with a variety of people who are all wearing different scents. This can be especially prevalent in your workplace. You have no options available to you except staying and toughing it out or leaving the room. What are you to do if you regularly take a bus or the train? This sudden sensitivity to smells could mean a complete change in your lifestyle.

How Exactly Can Perfumes Give You Headaches?

Fragrance sensitivity is caused by floating particles which irritate the sinuses. These small pollutants wafting through the air are what would be considered odor particles. The tickling sensation in the throat can cause persistent coughing. When these muscles and blood vessels start to dilate, they can easily cause a migraine. Breathing these directly into your throat can even cause asthma attacks in severe cases.

What Exactly Are Fragrances?

Fragrances are not allergens; they are irritants. In the real sense, an allergen causes a person’s body to release chemicals to fight the aggressor. During the process they can cause puffy eyes, the nose could be stuffed, etc. Now, an irritant can be defined as a chemical produced by the body showing symptoms without a known source. These so-called irritants can cause sudden sensitivity to smells.

What Do You Need to Do to Minimize Your Exposure?

First, you need to track down what triggers your headaches. It would be beneficial to be aware of what specific scent types bother you or cause continuous sneezing. Remember to document which smells cause your adverse reactions.

Be mindful of your sudden sensitivity to smells, especially when you will be in a crowded or public place. If you are dramatically hypersensitive, then you might want to consider just sitting out on this excursion. Minimizing your exposure to places that use heavily scented cleaning materials is recommended.

We’ve answered the question “can fragrances give you headaches?” So now that you know they can give you migraines, seek out your doctor. If you have a scent or fragrance sensitivity, it may not only be an inconvenience. Your doctor can help you with this real and severe health issue. Your family doctor can give you advice, and they might recommend a lifestyle change for your new sudden sensitivity to smells.


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