Unhealthy foods that make you perspire

Foods That Make You Sweat and How to Sweat Less

Are you the type of person who continuously sweats even if you aren’t doing anything? Do you have problems with excessive perspiration causing you to feel awkward or embarrassed? Have you noticed your clothes wet or drenched from moisture secretion, even when you are stationary? Do you have trouble trying to remove sweat odors from clothes?

If you have problems with excessive sweating, did you know there are types of food that make you sweat more?

Foods That Cause Perspiration

  • Fatty food that make you sweatFatty & processed junk:
    • Fats are difficult for the body to metabolize. The body will also struggle to metabolize processed or treated foods. If you eat foods that are treated or high in fat, your body has to work double time to metabolize them. The energy your body is putting into digesting can cause you to perspire. So, be mindful of eating fatty and processed dishes because they will cause serious health risks as well.
  • Spicy foods:
    • Many people love eating spicy cuisine like spicy chicken wings and even indulge themselves with extra spicy sauces. This invites heat and perspiration into your body.
  • Excessive sodium:
    • So many people love eating junk-food that it has become a staple of the American diet. Junk foods contain excessive and disproportionate amounts of sodium. Be mindful in using salt in your food because, similar to fat, your body ends up working twice as much to process the extra salt.

Liquids That Cause Sweating

  • Perspiration effects of alcoholAny drink or dish that uses caffeine as an ingredient:
    • Feeling hot and sweaty after drinking warmer liquids is completely normal. When you drink hot coffee or tea or any hot liquid for that matter, your body naturally produces more sweat because it increases your internal body temperature. The reason caffeine specifically makes you sweat is because it activates an enzyme in your nervous system that triggers perspiration. You should stay away from caffeine, but if you can’t, you should at least reduce your daily intake. You can easily replace caffeine with other healthy foods that make you sweat less.
  • Drinking alcohol:
    • Alcohol is considered to be a social lubricant and is often treated as such. Usually at a family get together or a party, people will use alcohol to help them comfortably mingle, even with total strangers. Since this is a large part of society, you probably drink alcohol regularly. If you are a heavy alcohol drinker, you also probably sweat profusely. This is due to alcohol widening the body’s blood vessels thus resulting in perspiration. Again, if this has become a problem consider reducing alcohol intake. When you do end up having a drink or two make sure to offset this by eating foods that make you sweat less.
  • High-fat milk.
    • Like other fatty foods, drinking high-fat milk causes your body to work more in order to process all the fat. Maybe it is time to consider pouring skim milk on your morning cereal or using it for when you are baking.

Ways to Reduce Excessive Perspiring

If you are a smoker, quitting smoking would be a wise decision to help reduce smelly sweat odor from your clothes. Nicotine triggers the body to release acetylcholine which is another stimulant of moisture secretion.

It is time to also reassess your diet if you tend to sweat excessively. Your new diet will need to be a healthy one with less fatty foods. The number one thing to remember is to drink a lot of water and always take a refillable container with you. However, drinking water won’t fix excessive sweating alone. Water benefits the body and solves many other health issues that can affect perspiration. Examples of some foods that make you sweat less would be water dense fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, foods rich in calcium like cheese and dairy, oats, almonds, whey and olive oil.

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