Raising Fragrance Sensitivity- How Does Fragrance Harm Others?

Raising Fragrance Sensitivity Awareness: How Does Fragrance Harm Others?

Scent sensitivity and nausea plagues thousands of Americans and wreaks havoc on their daily lives. Fragrance sensitivity in the workplace is also a growing issue that needs to be addressed.

It’s not “overreaction” like how some people would suggest. More and more bodies are developing scent allergies. While the reasons for this are not exactly known, there’s no denying the fact that the issue is real and something must be done about it. Raising fragrance sensitivity awareness is just the start.

Scent Sensitivity and Nausea: What’s the Deal?

Scent Sensitivity and Nausea: What’s the Deal?Many people would find it weird that some people are physically allergic to perfumes and certain scents. After all, in our culture, wearing perfume is usually a way of making yourself more attractive and pleasing to be around. (That is if you use the right perfume!)

The thing is, some perfumes and fragrances use chemicals and artificial scents that can cause major physical reactions. Even a mild scent from detergents or fabric softeners can irritate some people. These chemical irritants can cause migraines, runny nose, and other fragrance allergy symptoms. So can fragrances cause headaches? Yes, for some people, it can. It can also cause the following symptoms:

– Skin irritation
– Nausea/loss of appetite
– Difficulty with concentration
– Fatigue/weakness
– Upper respiratory symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, etc.

Scent sensitivity and nausea are a real issue for a large number of people in the US. Studies have found that about 19 percent reported negative health effects from air fresheners. 30.5 percent found scented products like perfumes worn by others are irritating. These point to the need to raise fragrance sensitivity awareness at home, in the workplace, and among the public.

Fragrance Sensitivity in the Workplace

The adverse health effects of scent sensitivity are diverse and vary by person.will.  Some people will have only mild irritation, but for many, prolonged exposure will cause extreme symptoms like nausea or migraines. Fragrance sensitivity in the workplace is a serious issue that needs to be promptly dealt with by management, for the health of individuals but also the functionality of the office. Fragrance allergy symptoms directly affect employees’ productivity. Who can stay productive with a headache and nauseous feeling?

The best initial step that can be done to address the issue of fragrance sensitivity in the workplace is to hold a fragrance sensitivity awareness seminar. Using company time to hold a campaign will ensure that this medical condition is brought to the attention of everyone involved so employees can be aware that their strong perfumes could be making their colleagues silently suffer.

Employees should also be educated on how to deal with fragrance allergy symptoms should they or their colleagues experience some. Basic steps such as taking a short walk in fresh air are common sense and easily accomplished, but in extreme cases, rescue breathing techniques, or medication may be needed. Also, the person wearing the fragrance could volunteer to wash their exposed skin to attempt to reduce the immediate issue. Finally, some companies have started to ban the use of perfumes altogether. Although some of these solutions seem simple, this topic (including the steps needed to make a scent safe work environment) is subject to address with caution as there can be much debate over the rights of all involved (perhaps a third party mediator could be useful and should be consulted). Whatever the solution, it should be discussed with all concerned parties.

How to Cope with Scent Sensitivity and Fragrance Allergy Symptoms

How to Cope with Scent Sensitivity and Fragrance Allergy SymptomsMost days do you feel like puking when someone who sprayed too much perfume passes by? You need to actively find ways on how to cope with fragrance allergy symptoms.

The first thing to do is focus on prevention which starts at home. Do not use scented laundry detergents. Use odor-free detergents like OdorKlenz and fragrance-free fabric softeners, handwash, dishwashing soap, lotion, and other similiar products. If there are no odor-free versions of these products, look for scents that don’t cause reactions.

When you’re outside or at work, you can’t really control what scent people will wear. So the best thing you can do is to wear a perfume allergy mask. You can also take some medications to counteract the effects. You can even try to ask your co-workers who sit close to you if they can stop wearing the scents that give you headaches (Remember: a well-timed offer to buy coffee can win over even the crankiest of office-mates!). If all else fails, when a smell is bothering you, step outside for a while.

Scent sensitivity and fragrance allergy issues are real struggles that people you know face every day. This sensitivity and all its accompanying symptoms, such as nauseas and headaches, are hard to deal with, especially when other do not acknowledge it as a legitimite concern. Just remember, with fragrance sensitivity awareness and proper preventive and coping measures, it is manageable.

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