Cat Urine Removal | What You Need to Know

Cat Urine Removal | What You Need to Know

Cats. They have a cult-fan like following. Cats are everywhere over social media and in clothing items. Cat sweaters, cat mugs, cat wine glasses. Cats are pretty awesome. Are you a cat person? Most people love having a pet around for all the wonderful health benefits that they offer. Vitamin P (pet) can help lower anxiety, stress, depression, and blood pressure levels for those who suffer from these common health issues. Cats are wonderful roomates, most of the time. They don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or leave trash strewn about the kitchen floor. Felines that are house trained are what people look for because of their convenience. Cats are fairly independent creatures. Easily trained, quiet for the most part. And they possess just the right amount of aloofness to keep us poor humans guessing at if they love us or not. Cats are the best reading partners; they don’t meow incessantly through the key points of the plot. However, what if your new companion has a little incontinence problem? You probably didn’t expect to be cleaning cat urine from carpet or dealing with cat urine removal.

Properly Cleaning Feline WasteProperly Cleaning Feline Waste

One downside of owning a pet is dealing with their waste, like their pee or excrement. Unfortunately, felines tend to be rather vengeful creatures. Besides knocking over glasses of water from the counter, for the only sake of mild amusement at watching the glass shatter and the water spread.But that’s only the beginning of their little vengeful ways. If you don’t pay them the attention they require, you might find spray all over your valued possessions. Like your new comforter, the nice, expensive down comforter you have been eyeing for months. Or your clothes hamper. The clothes hamper that was full of freshly laundered clothes, just waiting to get folded and put away (let’s be honest, that probably wasn’t going to happen), and all over your hand-knitted scarf from Aunt Kathy. Now you are left with trying to figure out how to get cat urine smell out of clothes before it seeps into the fabric forever. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to remove the stains quickly.

Why Cat Urine Removal Is Critical for Your Health?

While trying to eliminate cat urine odor, you must take into account the different things that it consists of. A felines liquid waste is made up of elements like salts, phosphate, ammonia, sulfate, water, etc. So time is of the essence when cleaning cat urine from carpet or fabric. Feline waste isn’t only repulsive; it can put your health at risk too. Like all animal waste, pee and feces will carry an array of bacteria. Bacteria that can linger in your fabrics and clothing unless you remove it completely.

How do You Safely Clean Your Clothes and Carpet?

When washing or cleaning feline waste, you must be careful and wear gloves to keep the toxins away from your skin. If you are using sponges or a mop to do most of the cleaning, you will still need to wear gloves. The toxins will end up on your skin if you don’t and will cause serious health issues. It is even recommended to soak your cleaning supplies in a bleach/water blend when you are finished to eliminate any remaining traces.

How Can Ammonia Affect Your Health?

A felines pee contains extreme levels of ammonia. This compound consists of nitrogen and hydrogen, which are detrimental to your health when inhaled. High levels of ammonia will irritate the respiratory system even in a person without regular breathing problems. Imagine what these powerful toxins will do to someone without lung or sinus issues.

How Can These Kinds of Smells Affect Your Mood?

Any animal waste is accompanied by a foul scent. Feline waste, in particular, is especially potent. For someone with a sensitivity to strong fragrances, this can adversely affect your mood. Depression isn’t something you would ever connect between the two. However, if you suffer from hypersensitivity, you might be depressed because of the added toxins that are entering your bloodstream via inhalation.

Cat urine removal probably wasn’t something you thought you would have to be concerned about when you first brought your new friend home. One precaution you can take is to disinfect and neutralize the smell before they start peeing outside the litter box. This will ensure that your home remains clean and fresh all the time.

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